The Roman Catholic
Diocese of Balanga
(Bataan, Philippines)
@ v2013 Diocese of Balanga

Cathedral of St. Joseph - New Rectory

Diocesan Chancery 2013

Blessing - Diocesan Clubhouse

Clergy Retreat 2011

Breakfast after November 2

Bishop Stude's Birthday

Night with the Saints - Cathedral Parish of St. Joseph

Mass - Birthday of Bishop Stude

Clergy Updating 2010

Padres' Basketball

Clergy Updating 1

Clergy Updating 2

Clergy Updating 3

Mass and Groundbreaking

Diocesan Retirement Homes

July 8 - Bishop Stude's Installation

July 7 - Arrival of Bishop Stude

Installation of Bishop Stude

Older Gallery 1

Older Gallery 2




Installation of Bishop Soc

Salute to St. Joseph


Mt. Samat 2004

Mt. Samat 2005

Mt. Samat 2006

Indigenous Peoples' Apostolate

Triple B

30th Anniversary of the Diocese

Unang Sinodo ng Balanga

Clergy Retreat 2007

Aetas (IP Apostolate)

Clergy Updating 2007

Clergy Retreat 2008

Cathedral of St. Joseph 1

Cathedral of St. Joseph 2

Cathedral of St. Joseph 3

Clergy Updating 2008

Sending - St. Paul Pilgrimage

Clergy Updating 2009

Mt. Samat 2009

Mt. Samat 2010

Mt. Samat 2013

Virgen Milagrosa del Rosario Chapel (Diocesan Seminary Compound

Retiremenent Homes/Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel

Santeria Diocesana de Balanga (Diocesan Religious Store) blessed last September 8, 2013

Kristong Hari 2011 (c/o Renz Malibiran)

Krisma 2011 (c/o Renz Malibiran)

Visit of St. Clare Relic (c/o Renz Malibiran)

Blassing of Chancery

Mt. Samat 2012 (c/o Renz Malibiran)

Clergy Updating 2013

Orani Pilgrimage October 5, 2013 (c/o Renz Malibiran)

@ v2013 Diocese of Balanga