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What: Youth Encounter (YE)

Where: Bishop Celso Guevarra Formation Center, Calaguiman, Samal

When: May 6-8, 2011

Youth Encounter (Batch 2011)

Youth Encounter is a retreat the focuses in understanding one’s self and reflections the Word of God (Bible). it is a three-day activity held in Bp. Celso Guevarra Formation Center, Calaguiman, Samal, Bataan last May 6-8, 2011.

The First night was a simple welcoming and introduction of each participants and facilitators program followed by groupings and tasks assigning. The first activity was listing of expectations to YE and contributions as a group and individual. Each participant was given a kit. The last activity of the night was a bible study and sharing. The night was close by a prayer.

The Second day starts with an exercise-prayer and the discussion of expectations and contributions. Afterwards, the participants have bible study about the passage in the Gospel of Matthew retelling the Jesus walking in the water followed by sharing. The whole morning was spent discussing Storms of Life, bible study about the Two Blind Men (from the gospel of Matthew) and Photo Language. At the end of each activity, a small/big group sharing was conducted. The afternoon session simply started with a mass presided by Fr. Noel Nuguid, the Assistant Diocesan Youth Director. The participants had a group activity about happiness by answering the following questions:

1. What is your happiest moment?

2. Who are you with?

3. What do you feel?

The next talk was about Affirmation and Rejection followed by answering a portion in the booklet. After the dinner, a bible study about Zacchaeus (from the Gospel of Luke) and sharing was conducted. The last activity of the night is the Affirmation Circle.

The third and last day open with discussion of prayer and the first activity was individual silent praying followed by big-group sharing. The last activity in the morning was individual praying over with their co-participants. The afternoon session was opened by a mass presided by Fr. Noel and concluded by graduation rites.

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