DYM Report Form

What: National Conference for Youth Ministers 2010 (NCYM)

Where: Diocese of Malaybalay, Bukidnon

When: October 18-22, 2010


Youth Ministers: Disciples of the Lord, Transformig the World. This was the theme of the NCYM 2010 held in the Diocesan Formation Center in the Diocese of Malaybalay, Bukidnon last October 18-22, 2010. The First day was spent simply with the Welcome Mass, night prayer and meetig with the family. The Second day was spent with the Structured Leaning Experience (SLE). The morning was spent listening from the inspiring talk of Bishop Ambo David concerning New Evangelization, then the SLE followed and then Mass n each cluster and then Eucharistic Adoration. The Third Day was spent doing various workshops. The Youth Ministers were divided into 10 workshop groups of their choice. The Fourth Day was spent visiting the different tribes and outreach areas of Malaybalay and there the youth ministers had a chance to dialogue with the natives and learn from their stories and experiences. And finally, the last day was spent with the foster families to have moments of sharing and bonding. The delegates went home with high hopes and spirits.


Good points

1. Good attendance

2. Delicious and overflowing with food

3. Very nice theme Song with dance

Things to improve

1. I hope there will be better venue

2. Start on time

3. Organize distribution of the delegates to foster families


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