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What: Diocesan Youth Coordinating Council Oath Taking and Logo Launching

Where: Cathedral of St. Joseph, Balanga City

When: March 19, 2010

Finally! the moment has comeā€¦

ATLAST!! The members of the Diocesan Youth Coordinating Council were inducted! The momentous event happened last March 19, 2010 during the Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker. It was held in St. Joseph Cathedral Parish. It started with a mass presided by Msgr. Vic Ocampo, together with the other priests.

After Communion, the new logo of the Diocesan Youth Ministry was presented. The newly elected Diocesan Youth Leader, Joan Tria explained the composition and meaning of the logo. The new logo of Jerome Dela Cruz (CYM-BNHS) was proclaimed winner during the first Friday vigil in St. Michael the Archangel Parish.

Following the logo launching, the presentation of the DYM Guidelines and By-Laws took place. A copy was handed over to Msgr. Vic Ocampo by the recently elected Diocesan Youth Coordinator, Shainne Salangsang. Immediately after that, she called on the elected vicariate councils for the oath taking.

The Newly Inducted Diocesan Youth Coordinating Council, who were present during the event were:

Diocesan Youth Coordinator : Shiela Shainne Salangsang

Diocesan Youth Leader : Joan Tria

Vicariate Councils of St. Peter of Verona (Vic. 1)

Vicariate Youth Coordinator : Russel Ronquillo

Vicariate Councils of St. Dominic de Guzman (Vic. 2)

Vicariate Youth Coordinator : Kristina Marie Lequin

Vicariate Councils of Our Lady of the Pillar (Vic. 3)

Vicariate Youth Coordinator : Jayfferson Gozon

Vicariate Youth Leader : Kenneth Abella

Vicariate Youth Secretary : Kristine Joy Bustamante

Vicariate Councils of St. Peter of Verona (Vic. 4)

Vicariate Youth Coordinator : Caren Joy Viray

Vicariate Youth Leader : Tristan Ralf Pacheco

Vicariate Youth Secretary : Emmanuel Garcia

The event was simple yet very solemn. And as for the councils, they felt more responsible in doing their jobs not only to the youth, but also to the Almighty Father.

Good Points

1. The Ceremony was very solemn

2. Finally, we were inducted!

3. We felt more responsible in our commitment to the Youth and to our Almighty Father

Things to Improve

1. All the council must be present during the induction

2. Preparation of the materials needed in the event

3. Attendance of the Youth of Bataan

Balanga Rocks!