DYM Report Form

What: The First Diocesan Youth Congress

Where: Diocesan Youth Ministry Office

When: February 8-11, 2010

“Sulong Kabataan sa Landas ng Kabanalan”, this was the theme of the first Diocesan Youth Congress held last February 8 – 11, 2010 at the Diocesan Youth Ministry Office.

The agenda of the congress were as follows: election of Diocesan Youth Coordinator (DYC) and Diocesan Youth Leader (DYL), Diocesan Pastoral Thrust for 2010 – 2012, and more importantly, the creation of the Diocesan Youth Ministry (DYM) Guidelines.

Ms. Sheila Salangsang was hailed as the DYC while Ms. Joan Tria as the VYL. Furthermore, the Diocesan Pastoral Thrust for 2010 – 2012 included Formation, Spiritual Life, and Evangelization. It was great to note that these thrust will serve as guides for the programs and from which viewpoints the DYCC shall focus. The DYM’s Guidelines is a very important tool for the current and future youth leaders of the diocese for it comprises all essential details on how they will run the ministry.

It was very fulfilling for the delegates of the congress, every single topic, debate, agreement, and decision made was of great help in the journey of the ministry.

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