DYM Report Form

What: Central Luzon Regional Youth Ministry’s Fellowship

Where: the Assumption Diocesan Seminary in Cabanatuan and Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija

When: August 21-23, 2010


The CLRYM Fellowship held in the Diocese of Cabanatuan last August 21-23, 2010 was quite a memorable event.

The Diocese of Balanga’s Diocesan Youth Ministry sent five delegates from its coordinating council. The group headed by the Diocesan Youth Director, Father Joshua Maria Santos, MMHC, included Shainne Salangsang, Joseph Quicho, Russell Ronquillo and Tristan Ralf Pacheco. They left the diocese for Cabanatuan City at about 8:00 in the morning of the first day.

They arrived at the Assumption Diocesan Seminary of Cabanatuan at around 1:30PM and were first among the delegates. They were warmly welcomed in the Formation Hall with colorfully dressed dancers featuring Philippine Folk Dances in their numbers. After all the expected attendees from other dioceses arrived, they had served snacks to the the delegates. it was followed shortly by a program that formally opened the event and acknowledged the presence of the delegates. After the program, the delegates were led to their quarters to freshen up and prepare for the Holy Mass. The Holy Mass was scheduled at 6:00PM and after the mass, they headed for the Bishop’s House for dinner. The Bishop of Cabanatuan was out of the town that time so he was not able to meet the delegates but he has given his welcome and message for the delegates through a representative.

The group shared a sumptuous meal in the Bishop’s residence and after that they went back to the seminary formation center to continue with the next scheduled activity, the business meeting. A solemn prayer was said before the start of the meeting. During the meeting, they tackled the preparations for the next regional major activity which was the Visiting of the Asian Youth Day Cross. The meeting was ended late in the evening.

The second day, the delegates attended the Holy Mass early in the morning and they headed to the Cabanatuan Cathedral’s convent for the breakfast. They then headed to a beautiful and clear river in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija for their bonding activity. There they shared a bountiful lunch prepared by the host diocese. The delegates enjoyed the day swimming, singing in the videoke and eating the foods prepared by their gracious host.

In the afternoon, they headed to a resort where after eating dinner, they conducted a taize prayer and cultural night. The delegates had an enjoying and filled day and afterwards they rested comfortably in their airconditioned rooms.

Early on the last day of the event, the group left the resort to head to the Parish Church of Gapan, the oldest church in the diocese, to attend the Holy Mass. After the Mass, they headed to a catholic school gym nearby for their breakfast and the closing program. The delegates was touched for the beautiful program prepared by the host parish youth ministry and they were given slippers which were the product which Gapan was known. The DYM delegates of the Diocese of Balanga, left Nueva Ecija at around 1:30PM.


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