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Where: St. Joseph Cathedral , Balanga, Bataan

When: July 8, 2010


With the St. Catherine of Sienna Parish Choir singing at the Cathedral of St. Joseph, the Diocese of Balanga officially welcomed its 4th Bishop – Most Reverend Ruperto “Stude” Santos DD , July 8, 2010 on Thursday morning.

A long procession of bishops, monsignors and archbishops entered into the Cathedral with Bishopp Santos entering last, while hundred of priests from different parts of the counrty occupied the front seats of the Cathedral.

Bp. Stude’s installation was attended by Papal Nuncio Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams, the Vatican representative to the Philippines, Abp. Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales of Archdiocese of Manila and Abp. Ricardo Cardinal Vidal of Archdiocese of Cebu.

Msgr. Victor Ocampo, the Diocesan Administrator read Pope’s apostolic letter announcing Santos’ appointment.

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Seconds later, the crowd broke into applause echoed throughout the Cathedral as the congregation welcomed its new bishop.

Bishop Santos delivered his thanksgiving message to the people and then the liturgical rites proceeded.

In his homily, initially, he thanked the people of Bataan for the efforts in preparing for his installation here in Bataan. "Alam ko po ang inyong pagpapagod, pagpupuyat at paghihintay ninyo para sa pagdiriwang na ito… Hayaan niyo po ngayon, ako na ang tatanggap at magbibigay ng aking panahon, paglilingkod at pag aalay ko ng aking sarili.”, Bp. Santos begun.

Continually, he bestowed his appreciation to the people of Bataan. “God chose me for you so that I must live for you, love you and work for you. And my unconditional response to you, my priests, religious and people of Bataan echoes the words of the Psalmist, “My life is in your hands” (Psalm 15:5)”, he added.

He also remembered with grateful heart, his predecessors who helped and are helping Bataan, to be truly, Bayan ng Bayani at Banal.

First, he remembered the late Bishop Celso Guevarra who was grateful for taking care of his seminarians at the San Carlos Graduate School of Theology and in Church of History and Patrology. “His words now guide me as I take care of the sowers of the Seed—from their formation until they rest from their toil in the field of the Lord.

Second, he shared about Bishop Honesto Ongtioco who was now in the Diocese of Cubao. He never forgets the trust and confidence given to him by Bp. Ongtioco .

“I will put into practice my words to my predecessor, your former Bishop Ness that I will do all, give all for the spiritual welfare of the Church of Bataan. All that I receive come because I am with the Church, thus all these that I receive I give them back to the Church. I will use them for the Church. I will do everything for the good of the Church. I will do all I can as pastor to safeguard the faith and morals of my flock, and to protect our land and people. What HERO stands for will be fully implemented”, Bp. Santos said.

Lastly, he had given his gratitude to Archbishop Socrates Villegas who was recently transferred at the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan and also had attended this installation. He said, “I will borrow from you, not only your pastoral notes and plans but even more your consoling words, your consistent wisdom and your caring works. But I will not only borrow them, I must learn from them. I should apply them to my life, and put them into practice. And from these I can effectively and efficiently lead our priests, religious and people of Bataan to be truly Bayan ng mga Bayani at Banal.”

Of course he imparted sincerest word to the people of Bataan. “I have come here to sow love. I am here to love you. I have come here to sow service, the fruit of my love for you… This love serves. I have come here to sow love and to serve you.”

Finally, he bid his final message to all. “My beloved people of Bataan, religious and priests, be heroes, be holy, be the best and be a blessing to one another and to others. And together let us sow God’s love and we pray that we may bear good fruits for the glory of His Kingdom”, he ended.

Before Bishop Stude ended the Eucharist celebration, the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams gave his message to the newl Bishop of the Diocese of Balanga. “It is joy to be with you today on your occasion of being installed as bishop in this church in Balanga. Thank you Bishop Stude… We know that you will care for the priest, religious and all the people of your Diocese, with that reverent passion of tending the flock. It is our prayer that through your efforts, they will come to know all of your flock, the breath and length and height and depth of the love of Christ. May the Lord bring the completion, the good work that today he has begun for you and for this church. Congratulations Bp. Stude!”, he cheerfully ended.


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