“The CLRYM embraced the Asian Youth Day Cross”


It was a grand day for the youth of Central Luzon when they convened together to welcome the Asian Youth Day (AYD) Cross in the Cathedral of San Fernando last September 1, 2009.

A program was prepared by the Central Luzon Regional Youth Ministry (CLRYM) to acknowledge the visit of the Cross in preparation for the celebration of the Asian Youth Day to be held in Cavite on November.

The AYD Cross was welcomed at the entrance door by the representatives from the 6 dioceses of the Region III and the Youth Ministry of the Archdiocese of San Fernando.

The Diocese of Balanga was represented by Father Joshua Ma. Santos (Diocesan Youth Coordinator), Jha Gonzales (Diocesan Youth Leader), Jay Quicho (Diocesan Youth Secretary), Rodney Albarda (Vicariate Youth Leader) and Shainne Salangsang (Vicariate Youth Secretary).

The cross was passed on to each leader of the seven arch/dioceses until it reached the altar. Then a solemn mass was held officiated by Bishop Aniceto, where each arch/diocese offered symbolic gifts which were representations of their province.

The Diocese of Balanga offered “Banga”, Cabanatuan marched with “tsinelas” and Tarlac, a bundle of sugar cane.

The mass ended in a festive mood. People who were there that day rejoiced and participated in singing and dancing the AYD theme song, Y’asia Fiesta.


Good Points

1. All the Arch/Diocese had their representatives

Things to Improve

1. More Festive Ambiance

2. Much organized program


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