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Monday, 12 September 2011 Reflections during Holy Hour at 15,00

Clergy of the Diocese of Balanga Updating and Renewal at BTPI in Morong, Bataan



We don't just work for the sake of working. We must love our work. We must work out of love. We must work with love, always giving the best of ourselves. But remember, we don't work for commisson or for compensation. We don't work for praise or for popularity. We work for Christ. We work for the Church. Thus, all we do and say must always be works of love. Working for Christ is full time job. It is never a part time job. There is no coffee break. In fact, a lot of overtime are to be expected. But consider this: the reward is for a lifetime.


We are familiar with the biblical verse, ”for the mouth speaks from the fullness of the heart” (Luke 6:45). Let your heart be undivided. Let your heart be constant and pure as you live and spread the Gospel. Protect your heart from giving in to the temptation of compromising your moral standards. Don't let your heart be blinded by the false attractions of careerism. But make your heart always desire what is best for the Church. Always decide for the glory of the cross. Make your heart beat primarily for the love of Jesus.

Be true to your convictions, be faithful to your vocation. Be a living example of Christ's teachings through your words and deeds. Preach and practice the Gospel with the sincerity of a humble and caring heart.


Our day to day experience makes us accumulate too many baggage that make our traveling becomes difficult. As a result, we are often delayed by too many preoccupations and unnecessary stops. Traveling becomes uncomfortable with so much useless concerns and wordly cares. Jesus reminds us that ”whoever put his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God.” (Luke9:62).

Since life is a journey, keep your life simple. Do not clutter it with too many disturbances and distractions. Living a simple life enables you to concentrate more on your work. It makes you more effective. It allows you to produce more.


+Ruperto Cruz Santos

Bishop of Balanga

Diocese of Balanga
(Bataan, Philippines)


Bishop Stude