@ 2007 Diocese of

Bishop Stude


Circular 2011/018

Balanga, 28 August 2011



My beloved and brother-priests:


Warm greeting of peace and reverence!


With your unanimous recommendation of Parish Accounting System last January 09, 2006 and the approval of my predecessor dated February 01, 2006, I reiterate the implementation of the said Parish Accounting system.

With the presbyteral council meeting last August 22, 2011 it was decided to revisit and refresh ourselves with the Parish Accounting System.

And so with our Updating and Renewal at the Bataan Technological Park Incorporated in Morong on September 12 to 16, 2011 our Parish Accounting System will be reviewed and clarified for the whole day of September 14, 2011 for better and clearer understanding, and thus for uniform and effective application.

Please be reminded that our Parish Accounting System is not on experimental basis. Nor it is for approval. With its reviewed and clarified financial matters our Parish Accounting System is strictly imposed to all the Clergy of our Diocese. And all of us must abide to the letter and spirit of our Parish Accounting System. It is our guidelines, basis and standard accounting system of the parishes in our Diocese.

Thank you so much for your kind attention and affirmative cooperation, I remain



Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,



+Ruperto Cruz Santos

Bishop of Balanga


Memorial of Saint Augustine

Diocese of Balanga
(Bataan, Philippines)