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My dearest graduates:


I must congratulate you. Your graduation is at hand. How do you feel? Are you excited? Surely, you are very much happy and truly excited. Now we can say perseverance pays off. Hard work bears fruits. Sacrifice brings success. We are so proud of you. And you have finally made it.


But let me remind you-that you are not alone in your success. Share it with those who helped you to realize it. You achieved your goal. You have reached the top. Along the way there were those people who encouraged you, those people who inspired you or challenged you move to higher. So share your joy and triumph with them.


Now, you will take another step forward. You will begin a new path to accomplish your cherished goals. Don’t forget those who accompanied you in your struggle and tedious journey. Whom must you remember and be grateful for?


Remember your parents! They worked so hard to provide everything you need, to get you in to this good and noble school. They want you to have the best in life, not only for the present while they are around, but even for the future, when you will be on your own.


Remember your teachers! How they sacrificed their time and made efforts to impart their knowledge with you. How they selflessly shared their talents to mold you to be better, brighter and bigger person. It was their dedication and devotion that helped to make you what you are today.


And finally let me share with you this story:


A young lady approached her mother and eagerly held out her hand. “Mom, see and observe my ring. It is very expensive and very beautiful. I spent four years to acquire this kind of ring,” she said. The mother examined the ring appreciatively. She remarked, “yes, your ring is very beautiful. And it is truly precious.”


Then she took something from her finger and said, “and this is my ring. It is old and cheap. But it is certainly more important than your ring.” The daughter replied, “what ring is that, Mom?” The mother said, “this is the ring your Daddy gave me on the day we were married. This ring is the sign of our commitment to love each other till end, to be faithful, and to work together so that we can give you a stable and secured future. It is our commitment to be ready to sacrifice and suffer in order to give the best for you. It is because of this wedding ring that you now have your college ring.”


My dearest graduates, it is very inspiring to think and dream that someday, you will be able to approach your parents and say to them, “thank you, Mommy and Daddy, I have now my college ring.” Promise to them that this graduation is not your last, there will be another, and until finally you could show to them your college ring.


With my best wishes are my paternal blessings and prayers as I remain



Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,



+Ruperto Cruz Santos, DD

Bishop of Balanga

Diocese of Balanga
(Bataan, Philippines)